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Visual Management Consultancy

Visual Management Consultancy


We are in this business of advertising and media solutions since years. This period has helped us evolve from mere board providers to informative visual management consultant.

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What is Visual Management?

in this context, it means the use of visual aids to manage the operation, including schedules, performance tracking and project status. Displays Standards versus Actual. Its a way of communicating to a broad audience in a clear, concise way. It quickly puts information in the hands of those who can take action

What is Visual Control?

Any Device or symbol that effectively places information at the point of use with few words or none at all

Major Types of visual controls

Information : What is this?, Where I am?, Who works in this area?
Instructions : What should I do?, How do I do it?
Status : of a process, Machine a department, etc.. What is happening? What should be happening?

Where Visuals Systems Work

  1. What is Happening?
  2. Production, Safety, Inventory, Maintenance, Scheduling, Offices
  3. What should be happening?

We complete your all needs of Visuals Just ask us … What’s Next?
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